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By: Mr. Joseph


 Brookfield Middle School staff enjoying
the BPA's "Color Run Fundraiser"

 8th Graders Last Day !!!

 BMS 8th Grade Graduation

 8th Grade Field Day

 8th Grade Field Trip To Kalahari

 Haden Gibson and Jordan Sheehan. Haden was 1st in the 100 meter dash and 5th in the long jump. Jordan was 4th in the 400 meters and 7th in the long jump.Way to go !!!

 8th Grade BMS "Stargirl Day"

 BMS Environmental Club & Horizon Landscaping 

 BMS Spring Concert

 Eric Ruschak hits 11 out of 15 Bulleyeys !!!!
 Austin Byrd

 Ava Dobbins

 Sean Taylor
 Alex Couturiaux
 Sebastian Workman

 BMS Art Contest

 JP Webb All 5

 Connor Brennan
 Allyson Brantley
 Lillie Toth

 5th Graders who participated in Hoops For Heart 
Eric Hudson Raised over $225 for Hoops For Heart !!!!!! 

 Honor Roll Students
 8th Grade Honor Roll
 5th Grade Honor Roll
 6th Grade Honor Roll
 7th Grade Honor Roll

 8th Grade History class debating the 1860 Presidential Election 

 BMS Student Council Pennies For Patients Fundraiser

 BMS at YSU English Festival

Ashley Harden and Zoe Steele winners of the Tornado Poster Contest 

 Art Contest Winners 

 BMS Track Team

 5th Grade Hockey Champs

 6th Grade Hockey Champs

 BMS Prep Bowl at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

 BMS students attending the Hungry For Arts fundraiser

 Brookfield Midle School In The News

 Mr. Berry's 8th Grade Science DNA Extraction Lab

  8th Grader doing a little Extra !!

 Kaelyn Johns finished 4th at the Regional Spelling Bee !!!!!!

 Congrats to the 5th grade boys Carl Hoffman Team for winning the TCBOA Tournament


 Mrs. Jones's 6th grade class understanding the importance of economic concepts

 8th grade students working on FIRST Lego League Robotics Challenge

Sharon Herald.   8th graders lesson learning about "walking in someone else's shoes

 "Start With Hello Week" in The Sharon Herald

 BMS "Old Time Learning" with members of the Mahoning Valley Historical Society

Hockey Champs 2017 

 Challege 24 Team in the NEWS!!!!!

 Mrs. Irwin's "start with hello" activity

 Mrs. Horn's  "walk in someone else's shoes" activity

 THE PLEDGE "Start With Hello"

 BMS Start With "Hello Week"

 BMS Winter Sports Banquet

 8th Graders at TCTC field trip

BMS 2017 Prep Bowl Team 

 "Start With Hello" week activity in Mrs Irwin's 8th grade ELA class

 Unbroken "Survival Challenge" Winners in Mrs. Horn's 8th grade ELA class

 8th Graders helping out with Brookfield Elementary students

 BMS vs Champion

 BMS vs LaBrae

 Start With "HELLO Week

 2017 BMS Winter Pep Assembly

Mr. Hammond's 5th grade Moon Crater Science Lab

 7th Grade Science Experiment

8th Grade Boys VS Newton Fall

 Six graders scoring over 35 laps in THE PACER TEST
Katie Gibson(40), Jeffrey Brenner(38), Donovan Pawlowski(41), Luca Franz(65) !!!

 2016 Student Council Promise

 BMS 2016 Challenge 24 Team

BMS Cheerleaders and 7th Grade Boys vs Champion 

 Middle School Wrestling vs. Jefferson & Liberty

Mr. Berry's science class working on MPH conversion experiment 

Girls Basketball vs. Girard

Cheerleaders @ Girard

8th Grade Boys vs. Girard

 BMS Testing Award !!!!

 Mosaic Diversity & Anti Bullying Assembly

 Spelling Bee Champion 8th grader Kaelyn Johns(left). Runner Up 8th grader Macy Devine(right)

 8th Grade Sledding 2016

BMS Warrior Basketball 

 BMS Warrior Basketball

 8th Grade Band
 6th and 7th Grade Band
 5th Grade Band

BMS 6th Grade at Phantoms Hockey at Covelli Center 

 Mr. Berry's class... Earthquake/Building challenge and creating electrical current

 Prep Bowl 2016/17 after practice

Mahoning Valley Historical Society visited the 5th grade to talk about Native Americans

 BMS enjoying hotdogs as a reward for reaching the Read-A-Thon Goal

 MR. Meyer with student council helping out with the food drive !!

Mr. Gibson and Mr. Joseph are very happy students met the goal!!!! BUT...........

 8th Grade girls attend "We Are It" at TCTC to explore IT careers

BMS Honor Roll 
 8th Grade
7th Grade 
 6th Grade
 5th Grade 

 BMS Prep Bowl students at the Brookfield School Board Meeting

 Bailey O'Brien and Alison Breighner each scored over 40 laps on the Pacer Test.

Prep Bowl members enjoying a morning reward. COOKIES !! 

 Mrs. Horn's class with thank you Veteran's Cards

 Mrs. Foster's class making Veteran's Day cards

7th & 8th grade Prep Bowl Team working on Google Docs. Creating, editing and collaborating three documents at one time from their computers.

Read A Thon Fun Night !!

 Mrs.Horn's Intervention class was working on 2016 Presidential Election Activities

 Mr. Hammond's 5th grade science class is working on a Food Web Activity

Isaac Foust 8th grader and member of Civil Air Patrol was in Mansfield October 14th on a C130 flight 

 Mrs. Horn's American History class voted online through News ELA along with students all across the United States

 Mrs. Foster's class presenting "How To" speeches

 Some of the members enjoying a morning snack after yesterdays great practice

Halloween Dance 

 Caught Being Kind Winners


Wild Wild West Wednesday

 Tourism Day

Reese Nale 7th Grader

Middle School Warrior pink out!!! Fighting Cancer

 7th graders doing the pacer test in physical education class

 Mrs. Pierko's 7th Grade Science Class
Mrs. Pierko's  6th Grade Science Class

Cross Country AAC Championship Meet 
Austin Sees 20th, Connor Brennan 18th, Matthew Breighner 8th, Alison Breighner 7th 

Middle School Football 

Environmental  Club at Envirothon

National Blue Shirt Day. Stomp out Bullying 

Fall Pep Assembly
By Student Council 

Certificate Of Academic Achievement 
5th Grade
 6th Grade
7th Grade 
 8th Grade

Domonique McCoy Parks 

 Mr. Gibson with the 7th grade Archery class

 Rachael Kaiser hits 5 for 5 Bulls-Eyes

7th & 8th Grade Volleyball 
 8th Grade Volleyball
7th Grade Volleyball 

Gallery walk in Mrs. Horn's class. The kick-off to the novel    "Inside Out and Back Again" 

Mr. Montesano's 5th grade math students putting their birthday into Standard, Word and Expanded forms. 

 BMS Cheerleaders 

Spirit Day at BMS 

8TH Grade Fitness Class enjoying a healthy snack 

 Middle School Picture Day 9/15/16

 Patriot Day at BMS

 Mr. Fahndrich reviewing A.L.I.C.E. training to the 5th graders

Mr. Hammond's 5th grade science projects

 Austin Stewart


Welcome new students to BMS 

VB 8/24/16 
First Day 

 MS Cheerleaders

MS Football Practice

Prep Bowl at YSU Honors College Visit


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