Brookfield Parent Association (BPA) Meeting Minutes

Minutes for BPA Meeting 1/7/2020
1. Treasurer Report - Current balance sits at $19,859.45. No outstanding balances at this exact moment in time.
2. Santa's Workshop - This event is held for the kids and not as a fundraiser however we did make a profit of around $1,400 or $1,500 plus we will be receiving an additional 5% bonus as repeat sign up with the company. We do plan on changing for next year to model after what Hubbard Schools do by doing this in house. This way we have better control of the merchandise available to the kids and a better ability to control the pricing to make everything under $5.00 to make it more affordable. 
3. Christmas - We received good feedback from the school staff so the event went well.
4. Yearbook Update - We have opted to switch yearbook companies. The new company offers hard cover books with better control of the pricing. Lisa Driscoll will be in charge of this endeavor.
5. Valentine's Day Carnation Sales - A week or two prior to Valentine's Day we will be sending home forms if children would like to buy a flower to be sent to their friends during the Valentine Festivities. They will be $1.00 per flower and will be delivered with a tag. A limited amount of flowers will also be available at lunch in case forms are forgotten to be sent back in. Looking to see if this will be available as elementary only or if middle will be participating depending if other groups will be doing this in their grades already.
6. Valentine's Day Party - Yes, the Valentine Party Day is a half day on February 14 so parties will be in the morning. Grade chairs will be planning the events which will include a craft and a game. Remember these need to be the same across the board for the entire grade so plan accordingly. Also please begin to form your classroom volunteer lists to turn into Brynn so that the school can be notified. Cookies will be passed out to Middle and High School during their lunch.
7. Family Dance Update - Dance is scheduled for 2/28 at Tiffany's Banquet Center. Brynn will be getting more specific information soon.
8. Expansion of the Board - It has been decided next year the BPA board will be expanding to have specific chairs designated to be in charge of specific events such as end of school year party and 4th grade farewell just to name a few. The larger events take months of planning that having a designated person in charge will help alleviate some of the stress and time constraints.
9. End of Year Party - Speaking of time constraints and stress it's about time to plan end of year festivities. With the rain issues last year where many of the afternoon outdoor activities were affected, we are leaning towards an indoor field trip. Currently looking into the idea of taking elementary to Olympic Fun Center to burn off energy. Checking to see if we would be allowed to do this by the school and will be deciding from there. We will still have the flavored ice truck for the middle school as a treat to them.
10. Spring Egg Hunt - This will be held on Thursday, April 9. Candy and egg donations will once again be accepted and, hopefully, this year loose dogs won't force us to be in the gym. Egg filling party will be at our April 7 meeting so plan on attending. No, really, it'll be fun. Not really, but candy is involved.

Looks like our next meeting will be February 4 at 6 pm
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