Brookfield Parents Association (BPA)

BPA Minutes September 3, 2019

Nikki called the meeting to order

Treasurer Report – Jamie had a family emergency, so an accurate balance was unavailable. This year so far, the BPA has given each principal $1,000.00 for their funds to start the year. Hopefully our fundraisers will do well, and additional funds may be added later in the year. Each grade K-12 also has a budget of $1,000.00 for field trips and miscellaneous items allotted this year. So  far this year, the BPA has donated $500.00 towards Freshman Bridge Day, $1,000.00 for Senior Parking Spaces allowing the seniors to decorate their own personal spots, $500.00 to pay for the Elementary Warrior Folders, $500.00 to pay for the Scholastic Readers for Kindergarten, and $250.00 for the purchase of new library furniture to create a fun learning environment.  During the budget discussion our book fair chair has asked for a budget of about $200.00 to $250.00 for each book fair to help make the event bigger.

1.       Fingerprinting for BCI clearance was available tonight. If you could not make the meeting and need to get your clearance, this is also available at the BMV inside the Eastwood Mall. Probably be a lot more crowded and loaded with cranky people but at least it’ll last you for five years. Also, a reminder we NO LONGER ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE THE BIB CLEARANCE! Keep ignoring those emails from them to renew!

2.       Fall fundraiser will begin next week. Information will be sent home with students K-8 after the kick off assembly. This is a different fundraiser than the past few years. It has similar types of items with better price options. As much as the kids loved the bounce park prize from last year it was too difficult to schedule so a new field trip prize will be a limo ride to go out to lunch during school. This prize will be available to those who sell $250.00 or more. And for those with multiple children selling for this fundraiser, instead of them also having to meet the $250.00 mark, they would only have to sell $50.00 making it more reasonable for those with multiple children in the school.

3.       Additional fundraisers for the year will include Daffin’s in the Spring, a Texas Roadhouse Gift Card Sale in November for grades K-12, and a special 4th grade fundraiser of pasta to raise funds specifically for their 4th grade farewell celebration. A dine in percentage night has been discussed but further research needs done on our options for locations.

4.       Grandparents Breakfast Week will be held the week of September 30th. This will be run similar to Muffins with Mom and Donuts with Dad where each grade beginning with Kindergarten on Monday, 1st grade on Tuesday, and so forth ending with 4th grade on Friday to have up to 2 grandparents or special guests to come have breakfast on that day.

5.       Trunk or Treat will be held on Friday October 25. If you are feeling ambitious and want to start buying your treats, we are estimating 400 kids. Remember all candy must be in original bags sealed so no matter how good that Snicker’s bar looks, DO NOT OPEN THE BAG! This event will require 2 parents per classroom to help the children change and walk in the parade. If you plan on having a car decorated, please do not volunteer to be classroom help. Trust me it will not work out! Beginning of October, forms will be sent home and available throughout the community for any individuals who wish to have a car. This event is open to anyone in the community including businesses to come and decorate a car and pass out candy to the kids.

6.       Our final Boxtober Box Top competition will be held in October. Box Tops have gone digital on us and we will no longer be able to have competitions to track by individual classrooms. So, all of you who have been hoarding your Box Tops for the past few years waiting to crush the competition, this is you final chance!

7.       Planning for the Middle School has begun. If you are interested in helping, please let us know and we can forward your information to that group.

8.       This year on the application, options were given on the bottom of committees to sign up for. This is how we are making the lists of volunteers for different events and parties so if you want a specific event please be sure to circle it or you may not be able to volunteer at these events. We are limited to the number of volunteers each party or event is allowed to have so by being on the list given to that chairperson you have a better chance at being able to participate.  Certain events need more volunteers than others. Also, opportunities to help in other classrooms or grades are sometimes available. When you do this, we make a point of finding these individuals coverage to go and visit your child for a few minutes.

9.       Tonight, we also brought up the idea of combing the Spring Elementary Mother/Son/Father/Daughter/Special Guest dance into one family event with a dance and Chinese auction held at Tiffany’s with catered kid friendly food. This would give the entire family the opportunity to enjoy the evening instead of parents trying to enjoy the evening while working the event. Looking at end of February with a cost of around $8.00 to $10.00 per person. Still working the math on this so this may change.

10.   Our wonderful yearbook coordinator Samantha would like us to mention how much fun doing the yearbook is and that anyone looking to help with this project would be greatly appreciated! Any photos that you can submit from school assemblies, fieldtrips, or screenshots off personal classroom dojo’s can be emailed to Please include names and grade in your email with the photos so they can be properly tagged!

Board Members for this year are as follows:

President – Nikki Jervis

Vice President – Brynn Boyce

Treasurer – Jamie Teal

Secretary – Beth Nicholas

Kindergarten Chairs – Stacy Wingard, Kelly Moracco, and Rebecca Clark

1st Grade Chairs – Lisa Driscoll and Jenn Scharba

2nd Grade Chairs – Savanna Crews and Samantha Rainey

3rd Grade Chairs – Crysta Bonekovich and Essie Guthrie

4th Grade Chairs – Stephanie Dromi and Samantha Penwell

Middle School – Brandy Berena and Wonnia Bernabe

High School – Krista Johnson and Michelle Laverty

Lots of information to process on what has been the most Monday-ish Tuesday ever. Next meeting will be on Tuesday October 1st at 6:00 pm. Also, a reminder to please turn your 2019-2020 applications into the office as soon as possible because the grade chairs get cranky when they don’t have a list! Thanks and goodnight!
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