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Brookfield Middle School students sharpen their critical thinking skills through new STEM class
Innovation and creativity are on display at Brookfield Middle School. Students in 8th grade are now able to take STEM class where they are learning about inventing and developing their own product.
Stem classIn this photo, students were challenged with brainstorming and designing a project in Inventionland using a specific list of materials. The goal is to create a product with the materials to help drop a ping pong ball in the center of the lava without touching it.

“These projects help students learn to think critically,” said Lauren Hrusovsky, 8th grade STEM Teacher.

STEM class is brand new to Brookfield Middle School after the school received a two year Inventionland Institute Small-Rural Grant in June, 2019. This allowed for three staff members, two middle school and one high school, to attend a three day training session. Lauren Hrusovsky says the class has already grown tremendously since being implemented at the beginning of the school year.

“It’s very hands-on. Brookfield students are visual learners. They are taking products and bringing them to life,” says Hrusovsky. 

Students will be taking a trip to Inventionland in Pittsburgh during the spring.