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Brookfield High School students are getting creative in entrepreneurship class.

Brookfield High School students are getting creative in Mr. Haywood’s entrepreneurship class. In this photo, Tasha Oviatt, Ashley Keep and Kenzie Merchant were challenged with finding a way to drop a hard-boiled egg from waist high without breaking it. They could use plastic wrap, cotton balls, straws, popsicle sticks, index cards, and a weather strip. “It’s fun taking classes like these. You learn hands-on, expand your horizons and learn new things that you may enjoy doing,” says Ashley Keep, senior at Brookfield High School. The egg experiment is just one project that students have been working on this school year. They focus most of their time on creating their own products. This includes designing a product in InventionLand computer software, figuring out what materials they will need, budgeting, manufacturing and seeing the entire process through. “We learn how to calculate manufacturing costs and see what it’s like to actually create your own product and run your own business,” says Keep. Once students in entrepreneurship class create their own products – they figure out marketing and pricing so that they are able to actually sell their products. Keep says, the class keeps students thinking outside of the box.