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Brookfield Middle School students are learning many skills through new hands-on class
A new class at Brookfield Middle School is giving 8th grade students an opportunity to learn business, building, budgeting and marketing skills.

Students in Mr. Joseph Meyer’s Intervention class are running a business called “Crafters” and collaborating on hands-on activities that will help prepare them for life beyond the classroom. Students are creating and selling holiday themed projects throughout the school year. This holiday, they are creating “snowmen tea lights” that will be sold to the teachers at Brookfield Local Schools. Previously, they created “Turkey Pin-art” which were fall decorations for teachers to purchase for Thanksgiving. 

Students come up with a product idea and see the entire process through. They determine their budget, research prices for materials, and create a business plan. Next, students purchase the materials and sharpen their building skills by actually making the products themselves during class, while another group of students figures out a marketing strategy. This involves determining who they will sell to, prices, and creating posters to display their products. Once the products are sold, students then begin brainstorming and budgeting for their next project.

"The school day can be taxing and stressful for students so this gives them something fun and different to look forward to,” said Joseph Meyer. 

Meyer also says the class helps students learn life skills, thinking outside of the box and helps them transition into high school and post-secondary education.