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BLSD to utilize Chromebooks in Fall 2020

As we continue to face uncertain times, the Brookfield Local School District is focused on finding ways to educate our students at a higher level. As a result, we are excited to announce grades 3-12 at Brookfield Local Schools will be going 1-to-1 with Chromebooks in the fall of 2020. Grades K-2 will also have 120 Chromebooks. “This will allow staff and students to continue collaborating regardless of the classroom situation,” said Julie Sloan, Treasurer of Brookfield Local Schools. The district hopes to have the Chromebooks ready for students sometime in August, 2020.


“Since we have had to jump into distance learning and use Google Classroom as a platform to do so, this is an opportunity to continue to improve upon 21st Century skills, as well as allow us to continue expanding our STEM and STEAM capabilities,” said Toby Gibson, Superintendent of Brookfield Local Schools.


The district will also place a strong focus on Social Emotional Learning, or SEL, in the fall. We will incorporate a program called “Rethink Ed” which is a K-12 comprehensive solution that promotes well-being, connectedness and success for students and adults. Rethink Ed SEL focuses on the entire school and community to promote healthy and confident students. “This is an online program that can be incorporated into a distance learning plan on our 1-to-1 initiative,” said Toby Gibson.