About Our District

Brookfield Local School District


Welcome to Brookfield Township, Ohio

Brookfield Local School District is located in Trumbull County, Northeast Ohio.

Presently there are three buildings in the district:

Brookfield Elementary School (Grades K-4) 
 Brookfield Middle School (Grades 5-8)
Brookfield High School (Grades 9-12) 

Total Enrollment: 1003

 614 Bedford Road SE - Brookfield, OH 44403

Elementary School
(330) 619-5240
Fax: (330) 448-8016
Middle School
(330) 448-3003
Fax: (330) 448-3012
High School
(330) 448-3001
Fax: (330) 448-3004
Board of Education
(330) 448-4930
Fax: (330) 448-5026
Treasurer's Office
(330) 448-3000
Fax: (330) 448-5026
Athletic Department
(330) 448-0752
Fax: (330) 619-5748
Maintenance Department
(330) 619-5707
Fax: (330) 619-5242
Transportation Department
(330) 448-3011
Fax: (330) 448-5026
Food Service Department
(330) 448-5021
Fax: (330) 448-5026


The mission of the Brookfield Local Schools, in partnership with its shareholders, the Community, is to provide a quality educational program in a safe environment that will enable students to reach their maximum intellectual, physical, and emotional growth. The following components will enable us to achieve our mission:

l. A Dedicated and Proficient Staff shall ensure a solid base of knowledge for our students to build upon throughout their lives. The staff shall also assist in nurturing our children with respect for self and others to foster better family members, parents, and employees, thus improving the general welfare of the entire community.

2. A Curriculum shall be developed that will enable our students to function and excel in an ever changing society. It will also prepare students bound for higher learning and provide a proper foundation for their subsequent careers. It will be adopted by the Board of Education, implemented by the faculty, with the support of the community.

3. Technology shall be utilized to assist the staff in developing the educational program and to enhance student achievement. Furthermore, students will be given the opportunity to become competent in the understanding and use of technology.

4. A Safe and Secure Learning Environment will enable students, staff, and the community to focus on accomplishing the clearly defined components of the mission statement.

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