Community Liaison

The School Community Liaison program is designed to meet the increased needs of vulnerable youth by connecting schools, families, and students to community resources and local systems of care. With the support of the Liaison, school districts can foster transformative partnerships with families and communities to improve student wellness, increase family engagement, and serve the whole child.

School district staff, community partners, and other stakeholders can contact the School Community Liaison for resources and information regarding the following information:
  • Connecting to high-quality family engagement supports;
  • Identifying opportunities to connect students and families with community partners and resources;
  • Locating direct service providers and community partners and agencies;
  • Supporting local school district staff to serve highest need students and families.

Meet Our Community Liaison

Meet Our Community Liaison
The Brookfield Local School District is pleased to welcome Mrs. Sabbrina Landers to our Warrior Family as our School Community Liaison! Landers will focus on reducing non-academic barriers to student success within the district and engage families in the educational process. This is a newly created position for the district, funded by Title dollars, and one that Superintendent Toby Gibson feels is critical in enhancing student success. “We really need that objective, non-punitive, set of eyes and ears to work with our students and families that may be struggling with attendance, socioeconomic, and/or social barriers,” Gibson shares. “As a liaison, Mrs. Landers will be able to connect these families with the appropriate resources so we can set them up for success.”

Landers has spent the last 18 years as a Community Membership Executive for the Girl Scouts. She recently obtained her Master's Degree in education and school counseling from Liberty University and is eager to apply her classroom knowledge and personal experiences to this role. “I can be relatable to families and students about their situations,” Landers explains. “My goal is to get to the root of the concern so I can connect them to the necessary resources.”

In addition to nurturing those relationships and building partnerships, Landers will also focus on improving student attendance. She says she wants to work to develop a streamlined intervention process across the district and start to educate families on district policy and state laws. “Missing a day or two of school each week adds up to a significant amount of absences over the school year,” Landers explains. “Students fall behind and truancy becomes a real concern, so it’s important that families are aware of the ramifications of missing too much school.”

To help increase engagement, Landers will be working with the district leadership and administrative teams to implement family-engaging events and programs throughout the year. Adding she views her role as a partnership with Brookfield families. “There’s not a lot I haven’t seen, I have kids too, and I’m here for you,” Landers says. “I want to learn from you so together we can help our students be successful!”

Families can contact Mrs. Landers during school hours at 330-619-5779 or via email at [email protected]


If you or your family is in need of assistance please contact our Community Liaison or check the resources listed below. You can also call 2-1-1 for assistance with food, housing, mental health, and utilities.

Health Resources

Click the links below for additional information and resources:

Housing Resources

Click the links below for additional information and assistance:

Mental Health Resources

If you or someone you know is struggling with a mental health crisis call any of the following numbers for immediate assistance or dial 911 in an emergency:
  • 988 (routes callers to the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline)
  • 1-800-273-TALK (Suicide Prevention Lifeline)

Click the links below for additional information and resources:


Click the links below for additional information and resources:


Sabbrina Landers
Office: 330-619-5779
Cell: 330-539-2655



211 (United Way Community Services)
988 (Suicide & Crisis Lifeline)
View text-based website