School transportation information will be sent via email (not U.S. mail). Please be sure your contact information is updated in One View so that you receive all transportation information. Some routes have changed for the upcoming year, please be patient during the first couple of weeks of school as our drivers and students adjust.


The goal of Brookfield Local School District is for all children to be safe riding the bus. Please take a few moments to review these safety guidelines with your children.

Please instruct your child when the bus is approaching their bus stop to stay in the SAFE ZONE (that is 10 feet from the curb).


Once the bus has come to a complete stop, then and only then, the driver will use a hand signal to signal them when to cross the street or to enter the bus.

When getting off the bus, your children must wait in that SAFE ZONE (that is 10 feet from the curb) until the bus has pulled away. Your help in this matter will keep our children SAFE.

Buses do not stop at every student's house. Pick-up points are used when possible. Students will need to gather at a central location at a specific time for pick up. The pick-up points will stay the same as last year unless changes are needed.



The bus that transports students to the Trumbull Career and Technical Center (TCTC) will be leaving from the Middle School main entrance each morning at approximately 6:45 a.m.


The first day of school is a big step for your little one and you too.

We would like to assure you that your child's safety is our main concern.

First of all, we have spent several days preparing our kindergarten routes. Our routes are set up so that as few children as possible will have to cross the street. Unfortunately, a few may have to cross. Your child will participate in a special safety program pertaining to crossing the road and how to ride safely in a bus. Please be patient with us for a couple of weeks while the drivers learn their routes, their stops, and the children's names. We need to see you at your child's stop or have someone else there to meet them that they recognize before we let them off the bus.

You can help us by telling your child to follow the hand signals of the driver instructing him/her to cross the street or board the bus. It is very important to instill in your child the idea that he/she must listen to and obey the driver at all times.

Children must remain seated with no screaming or yelling while riding the bus. Also, there is no eating or drinking on the bus.

Your child's driver has been trained to handle children and the bus under all types of conditions. We are equipped with two-way radios, and the drivers are in constant contact with the office, each other, and the police department (if needed).

Routes are scheduled so that we pick up or drop off your child at approximately the same time each day. The time may vary according to the weather. Sometimes we are delayed by heavy traffic, but as a rule, we won't vary over ten minutes.

In cold weather our buses are not as warm as a car, so please be sure your child dresses in warm clothing and warm footwear.

School Bus Safety Week

School Bus Safety Week is October 17th-21st!
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