The Brookfield Local School District is pleased to offer transportation to all students in grades K-12. The district maintains a fleet of 10 buses, 8 of which are used daily while the other two are spare buses that are used when needed. On average, we transport nearly 500 students daily, to and from school.

Riding the school bus is a privilege and not a right. Students must abide by all regulations determined by the school bus policy and the bus driver, including getting to the bus stop on time and to the bus promptly upon school dismissal. The Student Code of Conduct remains in effect on all school transportation. Any violations to the Code of Conduct while on school-provided transportation may result in discipline up to and including revocation of bus privileges or permanent exclusion from bus privileges.

Please note, that once an initial pick-up/drop-off location has been set for your student, it can not be changed. Should you need to request an alternate, long-term drop-off or pick-up, please contact the Transportation Department to make the arrangements. For safety purposes, students must be picked up and dropped off at the same location each day of the week, unless a bus pass is issued (see below) for an extenuating circumstance.

Bus Passes

Bus passes are issued only for childcare reasons. A note written by that student's parent or guardian is to be dropped off in the main office before the tardy bell in the morning. The note must include: the student's name, assigned bus number, phone number, what bus they are riding, address, and the reason for the change. Buses cannot drop students at different addresses without a pass.

General Information

  • School transportation information is sent via email (not U.S. mail). Please be sure your contact information is updated in OneView so that you receive all transportation information. Click here to access OneView.
  • The district utilizes pick-up points where possible to keep on schedule. Students will need to gather at a central location at a specific time for pick up.

Kindergarten Notes

We welcome our Kindergarten Warriors to the district! We know this new milestone is a big step for your family in many ways. When it comes to transportation, we would like to assure you that your child's safety is our main concern.

Please know we have dedicated many hours to planning our kindergarten routes. Our routes are set up so that as few children as possible will have to cross the street. Unfortunately, a few may have to cross. Your child will participate in a special safety program pertaining to crossing the road and how to ride safely in a bus. 

Please be patient with us for a couple of weeks while the drivers learn their routes, their stops, and the children's names. We need to see you at your child's stop or have someone else there to meet them that they recognize before we let them off the bus.

You can help us by telling your child to follow the hand signals of the driver instructing him/her to cross the street or board the bus. It is very important to instill in your child the idea that he/she must listen to and obey the driver at all times.

Children must remain seated with no screaming or yelling while riding the bus. Also, there is no eating or drinking on the bus.

Your child's driver has been trained to handle children and the bus under all types of conditions. We are equipped with two-way radios, and the drivers are in constant contact with the office, each other, and the police department (if needed).

Routes are scheduled so that we pick up or drop off your child at approximately the same time each day. The time may vary according to the weather. Sometimes we are delayed by heavy traffic, but as a rule, we won't vary over ten minutes.

In cold weather our buses are not as warm as a car, so please be sure your child dresses in warm clothing and warm footwear.

Safety Procedures, Rules, & Regulations

If you ride the bus in the morning, you are not permitted to leave the premises without specific permission from the Principal. When you are dismissed after school, you must go directly to your bus and board, unless you are participating in a school-related activity such as athletics or other extra-curricular activity. Students should maintain classroom conduct rules while on the bus and waiting at bus stops. Failure to demonstrate appropriate behaviors can result in disciplinary action.

The goal of the Brookfield Local School District is for all children to be safe while riding the bus. The following rules have been established in order to ensure the safety of all students who ride our buses:
  • Students should be out at their designated stop at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time.
  • Students should wait in the SAFE ZONE (10 feet from the curb) at their stop and remain there when the bus is approaching.
  • Drivers will use hand signals to let students know when it is safe to cross the road when boarding or exiting the bus.
  • Students should wait in the SAFE ZONE until the bus has pulled away.
  • Use only the bus and bus stop you are assigned to.
  • Orderly behavior is required at each bus stop.
  • Remain seated, facing front, when the bus is in motion.
  • Talk quietly and make no unnecessary noise.
  • Keep head and arms inside the bus.
  • No eating or drinking inside the bus.
  • Do not litter inside the bus or throw anything out of the windows.
  • Be quiet when the bus is crossing railroad tracks.
  • Use of mobile devices for voice or social media communications is not permitted unless otherwise directed by district personnel. Mobile devices should be muted during school hours, including time spent on school buses.

StopFinder Transportation App

Starting in December 2023, the district will utilize the StopFinder parent transportation app. StopFinder is an easy-to-use, all-i-one app that allows parents and guardians to have the most accurate information about their student's bus schedule at anytime and from anywhere. In addition to displaying student transportation information, StopFinder includes a private messaging feature that will allow parents/guardians to communicate directly with our Transportation Department. GeoAlerts can also be created for students, which will allow users to be notified when the bus has arrived or departed from any location on that student's route including their assigned bus stop and school. StopFinder also includes the ability to create Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) alerts based on a student's assigned stop.

The email address on file with the district will be used for StopFinder setup. Please be sure your correct email information is saved in your OneView portal account. Click here to access the OneView portal.

StopFinder can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play. StopFinder will require an invite and registration through the district prior to accessing a student's transportation schedule.

Trumbull Career & Technical Center (TCTC) Busing Information

Transportation is provided for students who attend the Trumbull Career and Technical Center (TCTC). This bus departs from the middle school entrance at 6:45 a.m. each morning and returns around 2:25 p.m. Parents/guardians are responsible for making sure students arrive for the TCTC bus on time. We will follow the TCTC schedule and transport students unless the Brookfield Local School District calls a calamity day, in this instance, students will not be transported.

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