Maker Space

In January 2020 the Brookfield Local School District  was proud to present a new and reimagined Room 408/408A/408B Maker Space that was funded through generous grants from:

  • The Arconic Foundation

  • General Electric

  • The Strimbu Foundation

The Brookfield Local Schools Maker Space showcases more than thirty (30) computers and fifteen (15) machines (new technologies and some old school processes) to make for an incredible facility where students can pursue their dreams and teachers can create dynamic lessons and materials to support learning in ways never before imagined in a school environment.  In less than three months and working in collaboration with Buckeye Educational Systems and Edutech (formerly known as the Madison Local Schools Technology Team), the Brookfield Local Schools Maker Space transformed from a dream to a reality and is fully operational and able to process files and produce items and projects of various types such as 3D Printing, CNC Milling (a.k.a. Carving), Laser Cutting and Engraving, Direct to Garment Printing, Vinyl Printing and so much more. 

Every machine that you see highlighted on this site (Our Equipment) is in Room 408 or Room 408A and is available for use for Brookfield staff and students.



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