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Brookfield Middle School Announcements

Super homework support

Making homework an important part of life at home will show your youngster that her education matters. Letting her work independently will also send the message that you believe in her. Consider these strategies.
Provide backup
Allow your youngster to work on her own, but tell her you’re available if she needs you. Say she’s confused about the directions for an assignment. You could encourage her to reread them slowly or maybe read them aloud to her. If she’s not sure how to approach a math problem, you might look at similar problems together in her textbook.
Give feedback
Point out to your child what she’s doing well—you’ll inspire her to repeat the behavior in the future. For instance, if you notice she started a long-term project the day it was assigned, you could say, “Nice move! Now you have plenty of time to come up with good ideas and do your best.”
Show interest
Glance over finished homework so you know it’s done and your youngster knows you care. Also, look at returned assignments. She might proudly share a nice comment her teacher wrote on her essay. Or if a paper has spelling errors, ask how she can avoid the same problem next time, perhaps by looking up unfamiliar words in a dictionary.
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This week at Brookfield Middle School

Monday, October 22nd:
BPA Box Top Competition begins and runs through Oct. 26th.
7-8 Girls Basketball open gym after school  
Tuesday, October 23rd:
Challenge 24 meeting until 3:30pm 
SADD Meeting until 4pm 
Wednesday, October 24th:
 Football Home vs Grand Valley at 5pm 
Thursday, October 25th:
Friday, October 26th:
 End of 1st Grading Period
End of Box Top Competition 
Saturday - BPA Halloween Dance 6-8:30 for BMS Students ONLY... Tickets $10
MS Fall Sports Banquet:  October 29th at 5pm in the Cafeteria (Athletes & Cheerleaders Only) 
Car Riders are picked up at the HS entrance during dismissal
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Daily Announcements

Wondering what is happening at the Middle School?  Click on "Daily Announcements" (on the left side of this page) to see what your student hear on our morning announcements!
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