Meet the Tutors

Meet the Paper Tutors

Paper believes every student should have access to the support they need—anytime, anywhere. We also believe that the burden of providing this support shouldn’t be on teachers or parents. Paper partners with school systems to deliver 24/7, unlimited, and multilingual tutoring—at no cost to families. Paper carefully selects every member of our team of tutors to ensure students get the very best help. We hire high-performing college students, Ph.D. candidates, and teachers with expertise across K-12 subject areas.

Paper tutors never give students the answers—they are trained to use inquiry-based methods to reinforce classroom instruction and support students in ways that elicit prior knowledge, guide discovery, and support metacognition. This student-centered framework empowers students to build confidence, pursue lifelong learning, and prepare for college and career success.

Paper does not use any subcontractors or freelancers—all tutors are employees of the company. That means they have gone through an extensive set of screening, background checks, aptitude tests, and training to ensure consistency and quality of service for every student.  

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