Cheerleaders at the Homecoming pep assembly
Elementary students wearing hats for the Readathon
Middle School students participating in the Hello program
Students at the Homecoming pep assembly
Little cheerleaders in green for Grinch Day
Elementary staff cheering on students for the Readathon
Students at track meet in Akron, Ohio
Warrior mascot mural in the High School gym
Senior Spanish Video 2017


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Senior Spanish IV Music Video- with English subtitles "Bajo el Mismo Sol" means "under the same sun" and is a song by Spanish pop star Alvaro Soler about tolerance and creating global unity through community. Our class chose this song not only for the general message but also as a message to the Brookfield Graduating Class of 2017- because no matter how far away we go or where we end up- knowing we're all "under the same sun" can help bridge the physical distance.

Brookfield District News

BLSD schedule change 2017
There will be parent meetings on May 11 at 5:30PM and 6:30PM in the High School gym for any questions.

Color Run is returning to Brookfield!

When: June 3 at 10:00 A.M.

Where: at Brookfield School property, 614 Bedford Rd., Brookfield, OH

Cost: $25 (includes t-shirt, race bib, and color packet) until May 19

Late registration $30

Register at:

Sponsored by Brookfield Parents' Association

For more information:


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